Our ambition this year is to run a fully professional team. In order to do this we need to secure sponsorships sufficient to support our plan. We are planning to take part in a number of higher grade World Cup events, including Match Race Germany and Sopot Match Race.
Our goal this year is to continue learning and growing our skills. That is why we remain focused on competing against the best and learning from them, rather than collecting points for the World Ranking.

A year of progress! We hit a few significant milestones:

  • reached first 50 in world match racing rankings
  • took part in prestigious Sopot Match Race for the first time
  • qualified to Sailing Champions League
  • finally won our first Match Racing regatta - Grade 3 in Hamburg

And we kept learning. The higher we climb the more there is to learn.

First full season in match racing.

A lot of competing and serious learning.

We managed to start in two grade 2 events for the first time and climb significantly in the rankings - almost making the top 100.


A year when it all began. We had no experience but a lot of enthusiasm 🙂

We took part in first match racing events to see what it looked like.

And we liked it a lot. So we decided to continue the following year.