Sailing is a prestigious sport proudly building on an ancient pedigree and looking boldly into the future. Its foundation is the longing of the human race to break the barriers, push frontiers and discover new, better worlds.

It embodies performance, elegance, leadership, teamwork, excellence and ecology.

Sailing is not just a sport; it is a calling, it is a passion, it is an enchanting whisper of an adventure, and a promise of comradery. It’s about hard work and discipline which is rewarded by mastering the challenges of both the Nature and the limits of the human body and mind.

This is a sport which offers excitement, drama and constant dynamic and one that teaches respect for the elements, for the boat and for the fellow sailors.

It is a sport for the brave and the determined, bringing rewards to those who dare to challenge themselves and who passionately push beyond the limits to be the best.